What Makes Emerge CA Unique

The Emerge Training Program

What Makes Emerge Unique?

  • We only train self-identified Democratic women;
  • Our intensive, cohort-based training builds a team within each class who support each other;
  • We provide 70 hours of in-depth candidate training and women are ‘ready to run’ for office;
  • Participants master: Public Speaking and Communication, Fundraising, Media and Messaging, Networking, Campaign Strategy, Field Operations, Technology and New Media, Diversity and Cultural Competency and Ethical Leadership; and
  • Our training includes sessions on the Democratic Party platform and Labor Issues.

Why Women?

  • Studies have shown women in elected office overwhelmingly support and push forward democratic principles like equality and fairness.
  • When women hold public office they are more actively involved in a variety of gender-salient issue areas, including healthcare, the economy, education and the environment.
  • Women legislators are more responsive to constituents, value cooperation over hierarchical power and find ways to engineer solutions in situations where men have trouble finding common ground.