Our Curriculum

Emerge California Curriculum

Program members meet approximately two days per month for six months and receive top-notch training from political professionals.

Woven throughout the training program is a focus on justice and equity, as well as the opportunity to build one of the most important of candidate skills—the ability and confidence to fundraise. 


The 6-Month Emerge California Curriculum includes: 

  • Fighting for Justice and Equity as a Candidate and Elected Leader 
  • Fundraising: Building the Skills and Confidence to Raise Money 
  • Public Speaking: Finding and Using Your Authentic Voice 
  • Communications: Messaging, Paid and Earned Media, Campaign Mail, and Digital Communications
  • Building a Campaign Strategy: Planning a Timeline, Developing a Budget, and Hiring a Campaign Team
  • Ground Game: Field Operations and Endorsement Strategy
  • Networking with elected leaders and political organizations, including Democratic women’s organizations, organized labor, and the California Democratic Party