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Emerge California Alum Candidates

They are changing the face of elected power and they have the life experience, passion, and resolve to reimagine, rebuild, and fight for a just and equitable world.

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2024 Alum Candidates

United States Congress
Jessica Morse — United States Congress, District 3
Lateefah Simon — United States Congress, District 12
Sepi Shyne — United States Congress, District 30

State Senate
Jennifer Trichelle-Marie Williams — State Senate, District 35
Rhodesia Ransom — State Senate, District 5
Sasha Renée Pérez — State Senate, District 25

State Assembly
Catherine Stefani — State Assembly, District 19
Dawn Addis — State Assembly, District 30 (re-election)
DeJonaé Shaw — State Assembly, District 50
Dulce Vasquez — State Assembly, District 57
Lori Wilson — State Assembly, District 11 (re-election)
Mia Bonta — State Assembly, District 18 (re-election)
Neva Parker — State Assembly, District 5
Paula Villescaz — State Assembly, District 6
Pilar Schiavo — State Assembly, District 40 (re-election)
Porsche Middleton — State Assembly, District 7
Rebecca Bauer-Kahan — State Assembly, District 16 (re-election)

County Supervisor
Cassandra James — Solano County Supervisor, District 1
Elisa Márquez — Alameda County Supervisor, District 2 (re-election)
Farrah Khan — Orange County Supervisor, District 3
Frances Marquez — Orange County Supervisor, District 1
Jennifer Esteen — Alameda County Supervisor, District 4
Lilliana Udang — San Joaquin County Supervisor, District 1
Lisa Gauthier — San Mateo County Supervisor, District 4
Monica Martinez — Santa Cruz County Supervisor, District 5
Myrna Melgar — City and County of San Francisco Supervisor, District 7 (re-election)
Susan Funk — San Luis Obispo County Supervisor, District 5
Wendy Root Askew — Monterey County Supervisor, District 4 (re-election)

City & County Executives
Heather Ferbert — San Diego City Attorney
Pippin Dew — Mayor, City of Vallejo
Berkeley City Councilmember Sophie Hahn — Mayor, City of Berkeley
Irvine City Councilmember Tammy Kim — Mayor, City of Irvine

City Council
Angela Andrews — Hayward City Council (re-election)
Aura Vasquez — Los Angeles City Council, District 10
Beth Painter — Napa City Council, District 2 (re-election)
Carlyn Obringer — Concord City Council, District 2 (re-election)
Cindy Darling — Walnut Creek City Council (re-election)
Courtney Henderson — Truckee City Council (re-election)
Courtney Welch — Emeryville City Council (re-election)
Kimberly Warmsley — Stockton City Council, District 6 (re-election)
Lauren Cazares — La Mesa City Council
Marni Von Wilpert — San Diego City Council, District 5 (re-election)
Olivia Navarro — San José City Council, District 6
Tamika L’Ecluse — Sacramento City Council, District 2
Tunua Thrash-Ntuk — Long Beach City Council

Community College & School District Boards
Cecilia Escamilla-Greenwald — Davis Joint Unified School District Board, District 5*
Desiree Rabinov — Glendale Community College Board (re-election)
Francesca Segre — Menlo Park City School District Board (re-election)
Jamie Azpeitia-Sachs — Riverside County Board of Education, Area 3 (re-election)
JP Sahi — New Haven Unified School District Board
Michelle Shaw — Kern Community College District Board
Nichelle Henderson — Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees, Seat 5 (re-election)
Stephisha Ycoy-Walton — Alameda County Board of Education, Area 2

Special Districts
Stacy Fortner — Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency Board of Directors, District 3
Tiffany Boyd-Hodgson — Vallecitos Water District Board of Directors, Division 5 (re-election)

California Democratic Party
Central Committee Members

Emma Heiken — San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee, AD 17

*2023 Special Election

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