Equity Ripples: Diversity Of Elected Officials Lags Behind Population Changes

“Just the fact that seeing someone do a job that maybe no one in your family had done before, it plants a seed (that) this could be a career ...
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Political Animals

Political Animals celebrates the legendary civil rights victories of the first four openly gay elected California state politicians – all women — ...
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Gender Gap Closes When Everyone’s on the Ballot, Study Shows

“The research found that in large part, women and people of color in 2018 were as likely to win their elections as white men, once they were ...
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Women of Color Can Make or Break the Presidential Race

“Authenticity is key to courting this constituency   In April, on the historically Black campus of Texas Southern University in ...
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  • Press Releases
  • May 10, 2019

Emerge California Announces Groundbreaking Child Care Initiative

Emerge California Announces Groundbreaking Child Care Initiative The Child Care Initiative will offer child care grants to women during their ...
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Motherhood Is a Political Category — And you’re not wrong to feel disenfranchised by it

Motherhood is a political category because it puts its workers at an automatic disadvantage, which is almost always steepest among those who are ...
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  • Fact Sheets
  • May 9, 2019
  • Emerge California

Emerge California’s Child Care Initiative

Emerge California’s Child Care Initiative Support our effort to raise $15,000 in 15 days to ensure that women have the resources to succeed as ...
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Who Is Cori Bush? ‘Knock Down The House’ Features Four Powerful Women In Politics Today

Women are at the forefront of change in politics, paving the way for more young women who aspire to affect political change. One groundbreaking ...
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Black Women Are Taking Their Political Power to the Podcast World

Mainstream media have provided few spaces for black women to discuss politics, but A’shanti F. Gholar is joining a growing group of women of color ...
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Moms Are Fighting To Use Campaign Funds For Child Care

Child care is one of the main obstacles mothers contend with when considering whether to run for office, said A’shanti Gholar, the political ...
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