Director’s Council

Emerge California Director's Council

The Emerge California Director’s Council is a core group of supporters committed to the organization’s mission of empowering Democratic self-identified women to run and win elected office. The purpose of the Council is to recognize supporters who serve as an integral part of the Emerge California movement, provide meaningful ways to engage with Alumnae, elected officials and the Emerge California community, and create opportunities for collaboration to further our mission and its impact.


Director’s Council Contribution
Contribution options for Director’s Council Supporters:

$1,000 contribution or more
$490 semi-annual recurring contribution ($980 annually)
$240 quarterly recurring contribution ($960 annually)
$75 monthly recurring contribution ($900 annually)

Membership Benefits

• Recognition as a Director’s Council member on website
• Invitations to exclusive Director’s Council events
• Opportunities to meet Emerge California program members and alumnae
• Exclusive briefings and updates from the Emerge California Executive Director



Emerge California Director’s Council Members

Aaron Cooperband
Adrienne Sims
AIMS Hotels
The Aitken-Young/Chaknova Family
Alice McTighe
Alice Schaffer Smith
Hon. Alison Cormack, Palo Alto City Councilmember & Emerge California Alumna
Alison Gray
Alix Rosenthal, Emerge California Alumna
Allison Joe
Amanda J. Monchamp, Emerge California Alumna
Amber Baur
Amy Pearl
Amy Schioldager
Andrea Fleming
Andrew Sinn
Angela Blanchard
AnhViet “Charlie” Nguyen
Annie Eagan, Emerge California Campaign Advisory Team Member
Annie Lam
Antonio Villaraigos
Hon. Ariel Kelley, Emerge California Alumna
Assemblymember Ash Kalra
Assemblymember Matt Haney
Assemblymember Tim Grayson
Balance Public Relations
Beth W. Mora Esq.
Hon. Betty Yee
Blue Shield of California
CA Nurses Association PAC
Caleb Esborg
California Alliance of Taxpayers Advocates
California Democratic Party
Carla Roth
Carol Winograd MD
Cassandra James, Emerge California Alumna
Catherine Lew, Co-Founder, The Lew Edwards Group
Cheryl Brandon
Christina Harbridge
Collin Wong
Courtney La Bau, Emerge California Alumna
Hon. Courtney Welch, Emerge California Alumna
Cyrus Bharucha
Dagmar Dolby
Dale Schroedel
Dana Dean, Emerge California Alumna
Danielle Cendejas, The Strategy Group, Emerge California Campaign Advisory Team Member
Dave Cortese for Senate 2024
Delle Maxwell
Democratic Women of Monterey County
Hon. Diana Becton, Emerge California Alumna
Diane B. Wilsey
Diane Bell
Diane Paul
East West Bank
EJ Cire
Eric Casher
Hon. Erica A. Stewart, Mayor of San Luis Obispo & Emerge California Alumna
Erica Walters, Emerge California Campaign Advisory Team Member
Ever Flores
Hon. Fiona Ma
Fiona Ma for Lt. Governor 2026
Floy Andrews, Emerge California Alumna
four waters
Gabrielle Hedlund
Golden State Warriors
Hon. Hannah-Beth Jackson, California State Senator
Hasib Emran
Hon. Heidi Sanborn, Vice President of the Sacramento Municipal Utility District Board of Directors, Ward 7 & Emerge California Alumna
Jamienne S. Studley
Hon. Jessica Speiser, Governing Board Member of the Los Altos School District Board of Trustees & Emerge California Alumna
Jill Nash
Jill Nelson Golub
John Foster
John Whitehurst
Josh Becker for Senate 2024
Josh Newman for Senate 2024
Julie Caskey, Emerge California Alumna
Julie Waters, Emerge California Board Treasurer & Emerge California Alumna
Karen Meryash
Karen Shapiro
Karen Valentia Clopton
Kathleen Burke
Kathye Armitage, Board Member of the Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency & Emerge California Alumna
Katie Merrill
Kim Thompson
LA County Democratic Party Issues and Advocacy Committee
Lane Hering
Leela Gill, Emerge California Alumna
Leif Wellington Haase
Libby Schaaf, Emerge California Alumna
Lighthouse Public Affairs, LLC
Lila Lauren
Linda Gruber
Lindsey Nitta
Lisa Pritzker
Dr. Loraine Lundquist, Emerge California Alumna
Lori Horne
Lyn Christensen
Maddy Hirshfield
Hon. Mara W. Elliot, San Diego City Attorney & Emerge California Alumna
Mariah Lauritzen, Emerge California Alumna
Marina Security Services
Marina Torres, Emerge California Board Member & Emerge California Alumna
Marjan Philhour, Emerge California Alumna
Mark West
Mary Jung, Emerge California Alumna
Melissa Goodman, Emerge California Alumna
Michelle Jeung, Emerge California Campaign Advisory Team Member
Michelle L. Groleau
Michelle Mercer & Bruce Golden
Hon. Myrna Melgar, Emerge California Alumna
Nancy G. St. Clair, Emerge California Alumna
Naomi Seligman
Natalie LeBlanc, Emerge California Campaign Advisory Team Member
Natalie Samarjian, Emerge California Alumna
Nazly Mohajer, Emerge California Alumna
Niall McCarthy
Niccolo De Luca
Nicole Stiles
North Bay Labor Council AFL-CIO COPE
Pam Jone
Papia Gambelin, Emerge California Alumna
Patricia Seith, Emerge California Alumna
Paul Yoder
PG&E Corporation
Political Solutions, LLC
Quinn Delaney
Re-Elect Tony Thurmond for Superintendent of Public Instruction 2022
Rebecca Bauer-Kahan for Assembly 2024, Emerge California Alumna
Rebecca Reeve Henderson
Rebecca Saltzman For BART Director 2020, Emerge California Alumna
Renee Dake Wilson
Renia Webb, Emerge California Alumna
Republic Services
Hon. Rob Bonta, California State Attorney General
Ron Conway
Sabrina Ashjian, Emerge California Alumna
Sam Tadesse
Sandra Fluke
Sandra Lowe
Sanitary Truck Drivers & Helpers Teamsters Local 350
Sarah Kate Levy, Emerge California Alumna
Shawn VanDiver
Shon Buford
SMART Local Union No. 104
The Smith and Barris Family
Hon. Sophie Hahn, Emerge California Alumna
Stacy Owens, Emerge California Board Treasurer
Stephanie Linder, Emerge California Alumna
Steve & Sharon Edelman
Su-Moon Paik
Hon. Susan Ellenberg
Hon. Susan Rose
Tanir Ami
Hon. Teddy Gray King, Emerge California Alumna
Teri Olle, Emerge California Alumna
Tides Advocacy
Tyra Fennell, Emerge California Alumna
UFCW Western States Council
United Airlines
United Domestic Workers of America
Valerie Crane Dorfman
Wayne Jordan
Hon. Wendy Greuel
Women Democrats of Sacramento County
Yvonne Yiu

To learn more about the Emerge California Director’s Council
and how you can get involved,
please contact Christy Smith, Emerge California’s Executive Director, at

Director’s Council Members
are recognized annually with a one year Council membership.
We appreciate these foundational donors and strive to be as accurate as possible
in recognizing their contributions.

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