Emerge California is the premier candidate training program for Democratic self-identified women who want to run for office.

WHY? To change the face of power by electing leaders who have the life experience, passion and resolve to reimagine, rebuild and fight for a just and equitable world.

Emerge California empowers Democratic self-identified women leaders who reflect the communities they serve to
run for elected office — and WIN.
This is our mission.

Emerge California’s signature training equips leaders with the resources, knowledge, connections and community of support necessary for a successful campaign for office. Since 2002, we have recruited, trained and supported over 700 Democratic self-identified women across California. When Emerge California alumnae run for office, they win nearly 70% of the time.

Emerge California’s signature program is a 6-month, intensive training program for Democratic self-identified women who are planning to run for elected office. We are intentional about recruiting Democratic self-identified women from groups that have been historically underrepresented in politics, including Black women, non-Black women of color, Indigenous women, and LGBTQ+ women. We seek to recruit and train leaders who reflect the communities they serve and have the life experiences that allow them to reimagine and rebuild our institutions in the fight for a just and equitable world.

Have YOU ever thought about changing the world as an elected leader?