Honoring the life of George Floyd

  • May 25, 2021
  • Melanie V. Ramil, Executive Director of Emerge California
  • Emerge California

Today, on the anniversary of George Floyd’s death, our hearts are with his family and all who loved him. He was a brother, a father, a friend – and his life mattered.

For George Floyd – and the thousands of other Black women and men who have been murdered – true justice would be each of them alive, at home with their families.

We will not relent in our fight for justice and equity until our policies and institutions reflect the fact that Black Lives Matter.

At Emerge California, we firmly believe that the power to make these changes exists in our city halls, on county boards, and in statehouses across this country.

This is why we train Democratic women to run for elected office.

This is why we are intentional about our outreach and organizational partnerships with the aim to recruit Democratic Black women, Brown women, Indigenous women, women of color and white women who stand up in solidarity to run for office.

Last summer, we held a first-ever recruitment session called “Leading the Fight Against Systemic Racism.” Today, the Class of 2021 is the most diverse class in our organization’s 19-year history.

And, this is why we have been steadfast in the commitment we made one year ago to deepen our work at Emerge California in the fight for justice for Black Americans.

This year, we revamped and strengthened our training on “Campaigning for Justice.” This means that when Emerge California alumnae are campaigning and elected to office, they are prepared to dismantle inequitable policies and rebuild systems and institutions that have been rooted in racism and white supremacy.

In the fight for true justice and equity, we know that leaders matter. And, we know that Emerge California alumnae are the ones who will bring their life experiences with them to elected office and lead at the forefront of this fight.

This is why we are committed to empowering Democratic women leaders to fight for a just and equitable world, and this is how we will continue to honor George Floyd’s life today, and every day.

In solidarity,

Melanie V. Ramil
Executive Director
Emerge California