Class of 2021

Emerge California Class of 2021

The Class of 2021 is our largest and most diverse class in organization history!

This year’s class hail from all over the state, from Chico to San Diego, and bring with them a beautiful tapestry of diverse life experiences, professions and passions. They are civil rights attorneys, small business owners, educators, nurses, nonprofit leaders, graphic designers, and CEOs of their households. They are activists and experts on the most important issues of our day, from criminal justice reform to climate catastrophe, and they are moms who are currently doubling as homeschool teachers, caregivers, and women who we proudly call “Dr.”

And, they look like us. This year’s class is one of the most diverse we will train at Emerge California, as 85% of the class represents the New American Majority – Black, Brown, Indigenous, LGBTQ+, young and unmarried women.

Aleena Jun Nawabi, San Diego
Alex Navarro, Concord
Alicia Gaines, Seaside
Amanda Gallo, San Jose
Amanda Lutton, San Leandro
Annie Cho, Northridge
Barisha Spriggs, San Leandro
Cassandra James, Vallejo
Cherelle Jackson, San Francisco
Dr. Cheyenne Bryant, San Pedro
Christina Lokke, Sacramento
Courtney Jones, Oakland
Crystal Sawyer-White, Antioch
Danielle J. Harris, Oakland
DeJonaè Shaw, Upland
Ebony Murphy-Root, Long Beach
Elisha Greenwell, Oakland
Elizabeth Bates,Laguna Beach
Ellen Hegarty, Murrieta
Emilie Hill, Sun Valley
Emily Pankau, Santa Ana
Dr. Gethsemane Moss, Benicia
Holly Hancock, Los Angeles
Janessa Goldbeck, San Diego
Jasmine Partida, Rocklin
Jennifer Fuentecilla, Chula Vista
Jennifer Kumiyama, Long Beach
Joanne Brasch, Sacramento
Keashonna Christopher, San Diego
Kimberly Hill, Inglewood
Kyra Mungia, Oakland
Magali Limeta, Novato
Malisha Kumar, Morgan Hill
Melissa Goodman, Santa Monica
Mia Bonta, Alameda
Mia Livas Porter, Los Angeles
Michelle Chang, Orinda
Mika Marquart-Carpio, Westlake Village
Molly Beane, San Diego
Morning Star Gali, Antelope
Natalie Hannigan, Vallejo
N’dea Johnson, Fairfield
Nicole Gardner-Lewis, Novato
Nikki Faddick, Carlsbad
Patricia Seith, Redwood City
Patricia (Pati) Leal-Gutierrez, Mecca
Rachael Fulp-Cooke, Davis
Raina Carrillo, Inglewood
Rebecca Garcia, Gilroy
Rudy Huebner, Fountain Valley
Ruth Miller, Truckee
Sheena Sharifi, Tracy
Tami Ritter, Chico
Tara Beasley-Stansberry, Vallejo
Tasia Trevino-Hill, Atascadero
Teresa Acuña, Bloomington
Thanayi Lindsey, Beverly Hills
Vanessa Warheit, Berkeley
Vanessa Oden, Vallejo
Vera Zakem , Walnut Creek
Dr. Victoria Ruffin, Palmdale
Yasmine Pomeroy, Canoga Park
Zachia Nazarzai, Northridge