Board of Directors – Courtney La Bau

Vice Chair

Courtney has 20 years experience in the international political and  business arenas. She is a strategic advisor, published author, and  speaker on national security, counter-extremism, culture and hate  around the world, specializing in strategic partnerships and building  cross cultural bridges. She is one of LA’s 40 under 40 (2017), and has  been featured on CNN, ABC, Al Jazeera, Euro News, The Hill, and Sky  News Arabia. Most recently, she had a one hour special on CNN with  Lisa Ling, highlighting the changing face of terrorism and hate.  

With a diverse, multicultural and multidisciplinary background,  Courtney’s worldview is centered on showing the world that despite our  differences, we are much more alike than we are far apart.  

Courtney La Bau most recently served as the Chief Global Strategy  Officer for Neocova. She was responsible for the overall strategy of the  organization’s international work – assessing and creating strategy for  regions around the world based on the political, economic, and  business environments of each new market. She also oversaw the DC  public affairs efforts and political connectivity for the company.  

Over the years, Courtney has worked in senior roles on behalf of the  federal government, think tanks, and law enforcement agencies. During  this time in the counter-terrorism and national security space, she  created and led numerous initiatives to build civil society, community  resilience, and counter all forms of extremist narratives. She has a  proven level of success through her authentic approach to  understanding people, having won multiple awards and honors from  various communities, government entities, and elected officials. She  has travelled the world interviewing currently incarcerated and former  extremists, and has a demonstrated passion and commitment to  breaking down silos and enhancing equity in our communities.  

Courtney is also the Vice Chair of Emerge California, and has worked  on numerous political campaigns at the local level as well as at the  presidential level, having advised candidates on extremism and 

terrorism issues. She is a Political Partner for the Truman National  Security Project, and co-head of the Homeland Security & Community  Resilience Group.  

Previously, Courtney has worked and lived in Cairo, Egypt. Courtney  started her career as a Global Investor for JPMorgan Securities,  spending six years at the firm building the foundation of her career. She  has lived and worked in over 55 countries, has a deep knowledge of  cultures around the world, and speaks fluent Spanish and  conversational Arabic.