Alumnae in Office

Emerge California Alumnae in Office as of October 2018

Johanna Arias-Bhatia — California Board of Psychology

Stacie Beckerman — Judge Magistrate, US District Court, District of Oregon

London Breed —Mayor of San Francisco

Tonya Burke—Perris City Council

Desrie Campbell — Fremont Unified School District Board

Amber Childress — Alameda County School Board

Letitia Clark — Tustin City Council

Malia Cohen — California State Board of Equalization District 2

Michon Coleman — Oakland Unified School District, College and Career Readiness Commission

Diana Conti—Marin Community College Trustee

Elise Crane — City of Vacaville, Planning Commission

Gina Cuclis — Sonoma County Board of Education

Brigitte Davila — San Francisco City College Trustee

Dana Dean — Solano County Board of Education

Kristina Dixon — California Dept of Consumer Affairs, Medical Board of California, Board of Podiatric Medicine

Lori Droste — Berkeley City Council, District 8

Elizabeth Echols — Alameda County Democratic Central Committee

Mara Elliott — San Diego City Attorney

Jeanette Flores — West Covina School Board, Charter Oak

Margaret Fujioka — Judge, Alameda Superior Court

Regina Gage — Monterey Democratic Central Committee

Teddy Gray King — Piedmont City Council

Darcie Green — Santa Clara County Board of Education

Beverly Greene — Alameda Democratic Central Committee

Maika Llorens Gulati — San Rafael Board of Education

Pratima Gupta — SF County Democratic Central Committee

Sophie Hahn — Berkeley City Council

Heidi Hall — Nevada County Board of Supervisors, District 1

Erin Hannigan — Solano County Board of Supervisors

Heidi Harmon — San Luis Obispo Mayor

Nichelle Henderson — Los Angeles Democratic Central Committee

Melissa Hernandez Strah — Dublin City Council

Wendy Ho — San Jose/Evergreen College District Trustee

Brigette Hunley — Solano County Democratic Central Committee

Linda Jackson — San Rafael City Board of Education Trustee

Susan Jerich — Los Angeles Democratic Central Committee

Mary Jung — SF County Democratic Central Committee

Kirsten Keith — Menlo Park Mayor

Anne Kepner — West Valley-Mission Community College Trustee

Farrah Khan — Orange County Democratic Central Committee

Cynthia Koehler — Marin County Water Board

Tracy Krumpen — Napa Democratic Central Committee

Sara Lamnin — Hayward City Council

Beatriz Leyva-Cutler — Berkeley School Board

Elizabeth Linnerman — San Joaquin Democratic Central Committee

Virginia Madueno — State of California Boating and Waterways Commission

Elisa Marquez — Hayward City Council

Amy Miller — Dublin School Board Trustee

Amanda Monchamp — City of Oakland, Planning Commission

Jodi Muirhead — Santa Clara Unifed School District Trustee

Emily Murase — President, San Francisco School Board

Rachel Norton — San Francisco School Board

Carlyn Obringer — Concord City Council

Pamela O’Leary — San Mateo Democratic Central Committee

Rochelle Pardue-Okimoto — El Cerrito City Council, Mayor Pro Tem of El Cerrito

Leah Pimentel — Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure, City and County of San Francisco,

Desiree Rabinov —Crescenta Valley Town Council

Belia-Eugenia Ramos Bennett — Napa County Board of Supervisors

Rhodesia Ransom — Tracy City Council

Tisa Rodriguez — Riverside Democratic Central Committee

Jessie Ryan — Sacramento School Board

Mariana Sabeniano — Natomas Community Planning Advisory Council

Noelani Sallings — Santa Clara School Board

Rebecca Saltzman — BART Board of Directors

Libby Schaaf — Oakland Mayor

Ann Schneider — Millbrae City Council

Thea Selby — San Francisco College Board

Lateefah Simon — BART Board of Directors

Nancy Smith — Sunnyvale City Council

Catherine Stefani — San Francisco Board of Supervisors, District 2

Cecilia Valdez — San Pablo Mayor

Jeanette Vazquez — Fullerton School Board

Malia Vella — Alameda City Council

Annette Walker — Hayward Unified School District Board

Karen Weinstein — Peralta Community College Board

Shanell Williams — San Francisco Community College Board

Lori Wilson — Suisun City Council

Monica E. Wilson — Antioch City Council

Jamie Wright — Medical Board of California

Shirlee Zane — Sonoma County Board of Supervisors